Friday, January 25, 2013

Mary Reilly: OT Legend

While looking for a biography or memoir of an OT, I stumbled upon Mary Reilly, who seemed to have a very big impact on the world of occupational therapy. In 1937, Mary Reilly attended Boston School of Occupational Therapy and received her certificate in 1940. Some of her many life accomplishments include serving as director of occupational therapy in Detroit at the Sigma Gamma Hospital School, becoming a Captain in the US Army Medical Specialists serving as a civilian therapist, attending USC and UCLA to further her schooling in occupational therapy and education, and many more. After receiving her own education, Dr. Reilly later redesigned USC's master program for occupational therapy using her own philosophical and theoretical knowledge and ideas instead of just using technical skills, and became the head of the department. Mary Reilly reshaped the way people studied occupational therapy forever.

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There were many rhetorical elements that helps to emphasize Mary Reilly's success and other aspects of the field. First off, the title "Mary Reilly: Remembering a True Legend" is interesting and introduces the point of the paper immediately: Mary Reilly was a very successful person. But why? The first paragraph then explains more thoroughly the point of the paper: Mary Reilly was very successful in the occupational therapy world, and it sums up her life in a way that makes you want to continue reading to learn more about her life's work. It is structured in a chronological way that emphasizes her growth in her career, and reflects on her life showing what all of her contributions meant to the world of occupational therapy.

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